June 10, 2013

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June 6, 2013

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  • Thursday 6th June




    Winter is really upon us.
    This morning was majorly colder, ice on my windscreen when I went to leave.
    The hose was handy so de-iced the windows, turned the heater on and tried to warm up the vehicle.

    I abhor getting stuck in the early morning commuter traffic so wanted to get on the road.
    But then realised my fuel tank was getting too low.
    So we diverted down to Waimea Road and filled up the tank, dropped a dvd off to David who was still sleeping soundly - obviously life on the mussel barge is hard work for an old timer - Happy Birthday David winky
    Then up the street to Salisbury School to meet Gillian and pick up my Nutrimetics order.
    The traffic into town was good from then on so I was very pleased with myself for managing to manage my morning drive aka stress levels laughing

    We called into see Anat & Rami at Crusoe's Cafe and enjoyed hot chocolates, breakfast savouries and a chat.
    Always enjoy the chat happy

    I then whisked Shoshannah down to her 9:45am appointment with Helen Loveday.

    I zipped into Vodafone in the city and picked up a new phone for Mahalia.
    She has been cleaning all the accommodation over summer for me so she asked for the phone in lieu of payment.

    We called in to visit Marah & Mahalia briefly.
    A very unsettled night with our wee darling so Marah was looking eagerly towards returning to her bed.
    Mahalia is doing an excellent job at looking after them both.
    Very proud of her heartHalia was very happy with the new phone and the Alfajores I got her from Crusoe's.

    I met up with Shoshannah at Nelson Beauty Therapy at 11am.
    She was there before me and already doing the proud aunty thing - showing her photos to Julie & Amanda!

    We both had a very enjoyable hour there and then headed down the street to another meeting.
    We were venturing into some uncharted waters so there was a tad of trepidation.
    But it went really well.
    It was very emotional but an excellent hour or so.
    We just had time for Shanni to race down the street and pick up a couple of hot potatoes for lunch and then get to our counseling sessions on time.
    I managed to eat about two mouthfuls of mine, Shoshannah's appointment was 15mins later so she ate as she walked across the park.
    It was another emotional session of therapy.
    Then off to collect Shoshannah and back into town.

    Shoshannah popped into Vodafone to get a wee problem sorted on her new phone and then went to the library.
    I met up with Nuana at Starbucks and hung out with her for a while.
    As she is leaving town to work elsewhere it was good to see her.

    Then she went up to get Nathan and I picked up Shanni and we met at Marah & Mahalia's.
    Both Mum and babe were sleeping soundly when we arrived so we sat and hung out for a while.
    Marah woke before we left at 6pm so we had a quick hug before I scooted out the door with Shoshannah.

    Just had time to pick up Shanni's guitar and drop her off at Ross & Andrea's before heading to my dinner date.

    I was meeting a few other home ed mums at Chai Yo in Richmond.


    It was a fun night.
    The beautifully cut vege art created a lot of curiosity as to how they made the shapes?
    The cream cheese stuffed rolls were rather tasty.

    Of course I had to take photographic record of the night, and there is always one in the photo with eyes shut!

    So two photos are necessary

    Smile Deirdre happy

    No! It's too hard laughing

    Finally pleased


    We enjoyed a lovely meal and talk.

    Then the others all headed off and Gabrielle and I ended up sitting in her wee car chatting for ages.
    Finally zipped over the street to my chilly wagon and drove back to Ross & Andrea's to some warmth!

    It was a very chilly night so I was glad the heater was turned on in my room.





June 5, 2013

  • Wednesday 5th June




    Azzan must have been tired from his weeks in the big city
    He slept late despite all my noise as I zipped about showering and getting myself ready this morning.
    I finally had to wake him around 8am.
    Phoebe, Azzan & I were all ready to leave soon after 8:30am.
    Sebastian went off to do man stuff and we headed down to drop Azzan off at One Day School.
    Then Phoebe & I popped into Crusoe's Cafe and had a cuppa and chat with Anat, Rami & Beth as they opened up for the day.
    We went straight from there to visit Marah & Mahalia.
    It was lovely to arrive and find them both looking so happy.
    The night had gone well, and Marah was much more relaxed.
    She did however had a sore shoulder so Phoebe offered her a massage.
    I left them to it and took Mahalia out to get some fresh air.

    We went to catch up with Errilyn & Herbie and their two boys who have been back from Western Australia for a holiday with their families.
    I was glad we could catch up briefly before they headed back to WA.

    Young Malachi was enjoying his new motorbike and spent most of our visit doing burnups around the living area.

    The morning was disappearing so we said our goodbyes and I dropped Mahalia back and picked up Phoebe.
    The girls had enjoyed their time together and Marah was looking very relaxed.

    Phoebe and I went into town.
    Called into Vodafone to get her new phone sorted.
    It was going to take a while to sort all the paperwork so we mosied off to the Farmers Market and got ourselves a salmon & avocado wrap for our lunch.
    There was a neighbouring stall selling pear juice so we tried their hot pear chai drink.
    It was SO good that we bought a mug each.
    Sat in the sun and enjoyed the wrap and the drink.
    It was really nice to have time to just sit and enjoy our food.

    Back to pick up the phone, then picked up some memory sticks for Shoshannah, had to go back to Vodafone again so sent Phoebe into Jeans West to try on some jeans.

    She found a couple of pairs that fitted so she was happy.
    Zipped across the street and got some Starbucks drinks to take back to the girls.
    Marah was feeding Eden when we got there.
    I couldnt resist taking more photos.
    She is just way too cute heart

    I had to go pick up Azzan from school to we headed away.
    For once I was there in time.
    He had enjoyed his day so I was pleased.
    He had been a bit reticent about going as he was tired from his travels.
    We went off to get veges and then met Sebastian at the Mall and got groceries while we were there.
    Then I took Azzan and headed back to see Marah & Eden while Seb & Phoebe went to visit some friends.

    When we arrived Marah & babe were sound asleep.
    David & Sasha had arrived and left Shoshannah there so the two girls were just hanging out.
    Azzan was busting for Eden to wake up but we left her to sleep.


    I helped Mahalia to get dinner ready.
    I made a bacon & egg pie while she did a large roasting pan of herbed roast veges.

    Then eventually the wee poppet began waking up.

    She squidged all around, stretching and yawning - so cute.
    Had all the children oohing and aahing over her.

    Uncle Zani was delighted.

    Aunty Shanni got her cuddles too.
    They are all fascinated with how tiny she is.

    We finally woke Marah up.
    She was out cold, good that she can get a good sleep and not have to worry about Eden.
    Mahalia is proving to be a good nanny, although she is getting a bit bored with nothing to do in between times.
    I helped Marah to get her feeding and she had a really good feed which made them both very happy.
    Contented wee lamb.


    Seb & Phoebe came and picked up Azzan and headed off home around 6pm.
    Shoshannah & I left soon after and drove back to Richmond for the night.
    Andrea had a yummy dinner ready.
    The power went off just as we were finishing.
    A fuse to the house went so we were the only house in the dark.
    The power guys eventually came and fixed it.
    Andrea sat and knitted while we talked.
    She is making some pretty cool scarves out of the most interesting yarns.
    Got a call from my bro over in WA.
    Nice to talk and catch up on the happenings over there.
    It is decidedly colder tonight so I didn't dally once I came downstairs.
    Much warmer in bed.





June 4, 2013

  • Tuesday 4th June




    My bodyclock alarm woke me at 5:30am, for which I was most grateful because I realised that I had set my phone alarm for 5:30pm!

    I showered and then woke Mahalia.
    It had been raining over night but thankfully stopped before we loaded the Regulus.
    We were gone before 6:30am.

    I was asking Mahalia if she had seen Olly in the past couple of days when who should appear in the headlights!
    Mahalia got out to move him out of our way and give him a morning hug.

    We arrived in Nelson just before 9am.
    First stop was Starbucks to fuel up.
    Then we zipped up to Winnington's so Mahalia could drop stuff off to Sophie.
    Then around the corner to find Anson & Marah.
    It was early morning time for them.
    Baby Eden was snuggled up sleeping on the couch.

    And the parents were trying to face the day.
    It was not a good morning for Marah.
    The shock of the past few days was hitting her hard and she had a good cry on my shoulder.
    It is so typical that we all prepare a mother for the birth as best as we can but no one can prepare a young mother for the aftermath.
    It is so hard getting the body readjusted afterwards.
    She was just worn out after a long week in hospital, the anxiety of having baby being monitored so closely, anticipating the labour, then going into the labour and being strung along for several days before they decided to do the emergency c-section.
    Then everything happened so fast.
    So she was now in recovery from a tiring week, anesthetic, caesarian, a distressed baby, milk coming in, and lack of sleep - not to mention all her hormones going stark staring crazy.
    She had every right to have a meltdown.

    We applied a load of TLC.
    Anson has been amazing, so loving and supportive.
    He is wonderful, so cool to see my son step up to the mark and display the attributes he has inherited and learned from his Dad.
    I phoned up Phoebe to pick up a cabbage - they are the absolute best thing for feeding mothers to use to relieve pressure - they never fail to work a treat  happy
    Left Mahalia to be Marah's nanny for the week

    And put Marah to bed to rest while Mahalia & Phoebe guarded the door!
    Seb & I took off to a meeting with Nathan and a couple of other folk.
    That all went well and we were soon back around midday.

    It was pouring with rain so Seb picked up Phoebe and headed to Richmond for their appointment.
    I called up the midwife and got a breastpump organised for Anson to collect while he was out getting other stuff for Marah.
    I zipped off to Richmond to meet up with Sally for lunch.
    It has been far too long since we last talked.
    Despite the circumstances being sad for us both it is a blessing to be able to talk with someone who has walked the same path I am walking.
    She really understands me and knows what I am saying and trying to express, where others can't and don't.
    I had to leave at 2pm so headed up the street in the rain and had a last goodbye hug.
    Got to Ross's and went through papers with him while waiting for Seb & Phoebe to arrive.
    Phoebe rested on the couch for a while and then went for a sleep.
    Much needed after their very early morning start.
    I left Seb & Ross to go over all the stuff they had to do.
    Ross is getting us set up with an iPad to run the mussel business from - it will get all the information from the boats to the office far more quickly and efficiently than has been happening in the past.

    I drove through torrential rain back towards town.
    Found Roger at the depot having his truck unloaded.
    Gave him the boxes of stuff he was taking to Chch for me and then headed to the airport to meet my young lad.
    He has had 2 weeks in Auckland with his sister Sunni.

    The plane was delayed a tad due to the weather, but I only had to wait about 15 mins to greet him at the entrance with his carer.
    Signed the papers and we were away.


    We headed into town to get some phone stuff sorted at Vodafone and then I whizzed into Starbucks to get a drink.
    Met Liz there, she was also getting a last drink of the day before heading home.
    I suggsted she might like to come with us and meet Eden and give Marah some encouragement.

    I was so pleased to arrive and find Marah looking so much better.
    The cabbage leaves and breast pump and some sleep had transformed her and made her feel human again pleased
    Mahalia had kept the fire going and had tidied the house and cooked dinner.
    She is a wee treasure of a servant heart.
    We sat and chatted for a while.
    Marah's friend Liz arrived home from work.
    Azzan & Liz were able to have a wee sneak look at Eden while she slept.
    Then we needed to leave - Liz had a few hours drive ahead and Azzan & I were expected for dinner.
    There was quite a party going on when we arrived.
    Nathan & Mira had arrived and Phoebe had just woken.
    Also one of our Israeli guests had come to visit, so it was lovely to see him again.

    There was much laughter and tomfoolery going on around the table, it was a very pleasant night.

    My boys taking photos of their mother taking photos of them!
    iPhone war laughing

    Then it was time for Seb to give Azzan some more instruction on some escape moves!


    I managed to get Azzan off to bed before 9pm.
    The others all left and I chatted with Phillipa on phone.
    Bed around 10ish.





June 3, 2013

  • Monday 3rd June




    Queen's Birthday Monday here today in New Zealand.

    Figured it was a good day to stay in bed and be queen of my space.
    I am loving having the bed in a new place - I can survey all the sea out in front of the house.

    I caught up on the past 3 days of blogging, and emails.
    Also had papers to type up for Sebastian.

    Then the girls brought me food.
    Shoshannah had made a delicious wheat free cheesecake so I had a slice of that followed by Mahalia's vegemite on toast and a hot mocha for my brunch.

    Mahalia cleaned Azzan's room for me.
    She also zipped down and cleaned the Cottage.
    She & I have done loads of washing throughout the day.
    Due to no sun and plenty of rain it is now going through the dryer.

    Shoshannah fed the puppies and Anson's dogs.
    She made beefless burgers and rice salad for lunch.
    They were delicious.

    Seb & David worked on the Tardis all morning.
    They popped up for a while before heading back for lunch.

    I hoped in the spa and watched an episode of Rosemary & Thyme'.
    I love Felicity Kendall happy
    I decided it was too late to get dressed so just put my pjs back on again.

    Seb came up to see me to go over mussel crop reviews he and David did in the afternoon.
    I have been typing up paperwork and getting organised for town this arvo.

    Got my new duvet cover in the mail so washed it and put it on.
    This is my new bedroom makeover..
    I hung the wonderful quilt my sister-in-law's mother made for me above my bed.
    I have new sheets, goose down duvet and cover - all snugly & warm for the winter.
    The duvet cover was called Coastal so I figured the colours were right for my room.

    The TV screen is close by if I feel inclined to watch anything.
    I usually just use my laptop though.

    I also have a day couch and the treadmill waiting to be used.
    Plus a great view out to sea.


    The girls eat their main meals at breakfast and midday so I am now curled up in bed eating boiled eggs, slices of cheese and vegemite toast.
    Figure I might have to head to town to get a decent meal winky







June 2, 2013

  • Sunday 2nd June




    I woke early and while I was catching up on some emails I heard via a friend that xanga.com is looking at closing down.Needless to say I was a tad horrified as I have 8 years of blog captured within it's walls.
    Thankfully my friend knows a thing or two about computers and internet and is able to help me to save it all and transfer to a new server.
    So in the next few weeks there will be some changes made.
    Will keep you posted.

    I screamed through the shower soon after 8am, packed my bag, stripped my bed and said goodbye to Dave and Christine.
    It had been a great weekend.
    I chucked some library books in the returns shoot, fueled up the Regulus and drove to Renwick.
    Stopped in to pick up last Wednesday's newspaper from Cynthia & Graham with the hard copy article about us and the Rescue Helicopter.

    I raced through to Havelock to meet up with Ant & Ger, Jan & Talbot at The Slip Inn for brunch.

    Jan & Talbot were attending the local craft market so had to leave soon after I arrived.
    I ordered my breakfast and sat and chatted with Ant & Ger.
    I was really struggling to keep my emotions under control.
    But with friends it is okay to be real.
    I must say, it is the first time I have been disappointed with my meal at Slip Inn.
    It was edible but certainly not the best Eggs Benedict I have had.
    Didn't even look appetizing.

    The morning was disappearing and Ant had to go collect the truck and head to Elaine Bay to pick up mussels from the harvest Sebastian was doing.
    We were outside talking and he was checking a few things out underneath my Regulus when Lorraine came by on her scooter.
    While we were having a lovely chat with her, Muff & Paul arrived for coffee, closely followed by Sus & Chris.
    So I said goodbye to Ant & Ger and went back inside and had a drink with the others.

    It was good to see them all, haven't caught up in so long.
    But I needed to get on the road as I didn't want to be late home.
    I zipped along to Rai Valley and then over the hills to Elaine Bay.
    Arrived around 2pm.
    Picked up something from Gabrielle for Marah and then headed to the wharf to see the guys.

    'Tardis' had just arrived in with a harvest on board.
    Ant hadn't arrived yet so the guys went off to do stuff and I went up to visit Julie.
    We were both having an emotional day so shared some tears.
    Then I went back down to the wharf and found Ant just arriving in his very large refrigerated truck.
    There were 20 tonne of mussels to unload.
    They soon had a good team working to get the job done.

    Seb on the crane

    David roping the bags onto crane

    Simon placing and assisting with getting bags from crane into truck

    Paul operating loader to transfer bags on pallets into truck





    Ant & Simon maneuvering bags into truck

    And as the truck got more full Simon helped Ant and David was running back & forth from Tardis to the pallets.


    I found the panorama setting on phone which gives an interesting overall perspective of the operations.


    Doing a post mortem of the process - as blokes do winky

    Very exciting day for the two young men.
    The beginning of a new era of working together.



    I left the guys to punch their way home through the waves and I followed Ant's truck up the hill.
    I stopped at Tim's cairn to have a few words with him and shed some tears.
    I know my days are full and busy but there is such an emptiness, a void where he should be.
    It is really lonely not having him to come home to, to have him here to talk to and tell him about all the fun things I have been doing.
    I hate not being able to share my worries and concerns with him.
    The hardest thing at the moment is not being able to share the delight and joy of our wee grand daughter.

    The daylight was disappearing and when I got to the top of our hill the sun was shining through the storm clouds.
    The wind was blowing so strongly when I stopped to open the gate.


    It was good to get home to the girls.

    They were both well and happy.
    Unpacked my few bags - was a bit different not having a major unpack to do.

    Then crashed into my bed to sleep.





  • Saturday 1st June




    We had a 9:30am start at the College so there was not time to sleep in.

    We arrived and were ushered into the hall where I spent 5 years of assemblies etc.
    The hal had not really changed at all.
    We were welcomed and then entertained by several groups of current students doing song and kapa haka dance.

    Afterwards there was morning tea in the staff room and photographs being taken in the hall.
    Once we had finished we then went off in groups for a tour of the school.

    This is who was attended the jubilee from our 1970 intake group - minus Viv who caught up with us moments after this photo was taken!

    Christine, Glenda, Alison, me, Jan in the back row
    Jeanie, Karen, Kaylene, Rosie & Liz in front.


    We whizzed through the buildings.

    Oohed and aahed over all the changes and recalled memories.
    Fun times happy

    Then we found our 3rd form home room so had to have a group photo of the event!

    5 of us from 3P1
    Jan, Jeanie, Liz, me and Karen.

    I found this photo in the library later of our 3P1 class.


    The outside of the building has been re-clad and looks very modern plus there are a heap of new classrooms, it is a state of the art college now.

    Which I guess in our day it was too, but looking back it was basic compared to now.
    The changes are phenomenal.

    Some of the things that blew me away were -

    the gym for students personal use

    new gymnasium dedicated to students who are actually studying PE
    unlike those of us who endured it!
    There was much laughter and recollections about our gym classes, balloony rompers, and teachers laughing


    Some things never change winky

    Fascinating projects on display.
    The pages on the high wall were from one girls research project dedicated to designing a table and seat to contain a special needs child.

    The sewing/clothing room.
    Much more imaginative and colourful than what we did.

    A theatre built expressly so the students can experience first hand the circular Shakespearean Globe theatre.

    And the music room!
    The computerization in the classes is immense.
    When we were at college computers were but a science fiction dream!
    There were also new classes built & dedicated for computers and wifi links.


    After we finished our tour we checked out the library - which was one of my favourite places back in the day.
    I was surprised to see so few books but then was reminded that computers have and are taking over whatevah


    We then decided to head off and have lunch together.
    Met up at Springlands cafe and enjoyed some more time chatting about old times and what we had all been doing in the intervening years.

    By the time we finished we were all rather tired - showing our ages girls winky
    I took Christine back home and then went to meet Peter & Chris for coffee.
    Hadn't seen them in such a long time and as they were in town for the weekend too it was a perfect opportunity to catch up.

    Met them at 'Fairweathers'.
    Karen, Sandra & her Mum Brydie were also hanging out there so was good to see them too.
    It was quite an emotional time talking over happenings of recent years since we had seen each other.
    Peter lost so many of his close Canterbury Television friends in the CTV collapse during the Feb 2011 earthquake.
    And we lost Tim & Cypress this past February.

    We all had to leave around 4pm so I went back to Christine's and collapsed for half an hour and then changed for dinner.
    As prearranged we met up at 5:30 at 'The Cornerstone' and had pre-dinner drinks with our group.
    Several were not coming to the dinner so it was really good to have more time together.

    We arrived at The Marlborough Clubs convention centre around 6:30 and joined the rest of the ladies for the Jubilee dinner.
    We managed to seat our 1970 bunch together at one table so we could carry on reminiscing.

    Not all came so we were just seven for the night.
    Liz, Rosie & Jeanie

    Alison & Jan

    Christine & Me


    During the evening we were entertained by the internationally acclaimed Bella Voce choir from Marlborough Girls College.

    Then our guest speaker was Dame Jenny Shipley.
    An old girl of MGC and 2nd of 5 daughters of a Presbyterian minister and NZ's first woman Prime Minister.

    I had never really heard her speak before and was pleasantly surprised.
    She is a brilliant & most eloquent speaker.
    As Christine commented to me afterwards, she spoke constantly for 20 minutes and never once looked at her notes!


    We enjoyed a very tasty 3 course meal, lots of talking and socialisation.

    All in all it was a great night.
    Went home very tired - my third after midnight session bummed





  • Friday 31st May




    So last night I worked on the internet making a special photo book for Mahalia that had to be done before the 31st.
    I was still awake when Anson called me at 2am.

    He was so excited.
    Their wee babe had finally arrived.
    It has been a long week, culminating in an emergency c-section at 1:30am.
    When he called, Marah was still in recovery and hadn't come out of anesthetic yet.
    He had been with her through the op and was there to see his daughter arrive into his world.
    She was whisked away quickly by the pediatrician and connected up to a drip etc, but he did get to see her and hold her before calling me.

    Anson wanted to call all the family himself so I snuggled down into my pillows to sleep.
    Then at 2:30am Phoebe text me.
    She was so excited she couldn't sleep.
    Finally after half an hour of texting I suggested she turn off her brain and try and get back to sleep again.
    Then I was woken again at 4:45am by Sunni, her phone had been off and she had missed Anson's call and was wanting to hear the news.
    Then at 7am I was thankfully woken by another text.
    If it hadn't woken me I would've slept on and been late into town!

    So at 8am I headed into the city with Ross.
    Left him at a friends and I went straight into the hospital.
    This was my first meeting with my wee granddaughter.
    She was all snuggled up & sleeping soundly with her mummy.
    What a delicious squidgy wee cutie.


    Unfortunately the medical profession do not respect sleeping ladies and the pediatrician came to give her a Warrant of Fitness!
    She passed with flying colours and he said that the glucose drip could be weaned from her over the afternoon and she could have all the tubes removed later in the arvo.
    She wasn't terribly impressed at being woken and poked & prodded!!


    Hullo world happy
    My name is Eden Kayleah.

    Eden is Hebrew and means 'delight'
    Kayleah is Gaelic and means 'slender'

    I weighed in at 3130gm - or in the old measurements cuz my Nonna needed to know - 6lbs 14ozs.
    But I am so well covered that no-on will believe I am actually that small!


    Tthe nurse & Anson wheeled Marah's bed back to her room so she could freshen up and have breakfast and then rest.
    She was very tired.
    I had to leave soon after 9:30am as I had to meet Ross at the lawyers office.
    I grabbed a frappaccino on the way to sustain me through the stress of the meeting winky

    We had a very interesting discussion of which I cannot go into detail here.
    Needless to say there is a lot of stuff being leveled at us which unfortunately is having to be sorted out via the legal eagles.


    I drove Ross back to Richmond.
    While he sorted some stuff on my computer I went off to post mail.
    When I dropped Ross home Andrea was back so I just had to do the grandmother thing and show her the baby photos pleased
    Then I headed back to Nelson.
    My vehicle was full of stuff for recycling.
    Called in to see Winningtons and Margaret offered to come help me unload so we dropped it all off at the Hospice shop.

    The day was flying and I knew the maternity ward closed between 1-3pm so the Mum's can rest so I hooned back up there at 2:30pm.

    Found Marah back in the special care area having lunch while Anson was cuddling the sleeping babe.

    I gave Marah the cute cuddly pink teddy and balloon to decorate her bed.

    Anson is really enraptured with his wee daughter heart

    Isn't she just the sweetest wee poppet?


    I left them to rest and headed into town to do some last minute things.
    Had a quick snack with Nathan at Hangar 58.
    He was at work but was on break when I arrived.

    I called in to see Seb's house on the way out of town.
    I drove straight to Blenheim.
    Arrived at Christine's soon after 6pm.
    Unpacked and changed and headed in with her to the Marlborough Convention Centre to the Meet & Greet evening which was the beginning of the 50th Jubilee Celebrations for the Marlborough Girls College.

    We had a wonderful night.
    Met up with a few girls from our 1970 intake year whom I hadn't seen since we left college in 1973/4.
    I got tired of standing around talking so went and joined Jeanie and Liz for a sit down catch up chat.


    Christine and I were quite socialised out by about 9:45pm so we took our leave.
    Drove the streets of Blenheim looking for somewhere to have some food and a drink.
    Not a lot happening in Blenheim on a Friday night whatevah

    Ended up at 'Fairweathers', had some wedges and hot chocolates.
    A couple of other old girls were also hanging out there with some friends so came over for a chat.
    It was midnight before I hopped into bed.
    A long long day.
    But a very happy one - I am focusing on the joys of having a wee granddaughter rather than the lawyers visit winky






May 30, 2013

  • Thursday 30th May




    I was awake early so finished watching Frasier.
    Then began work in the study.
    I was on a mission to get it cleaned up.
    I fully intended to get through the shower and get dressed early.But it never happened until quite late this arvo!
    And by then the hot water was cold bummed


    I spent all day cleaning the study and moving furniture in my bedroom with Shoshannah's help.
    I am beginning to get my bedroom the way I want it now.
    Still got a lot of things to sort through but at least it is recognisable as a bedroom now.
    I had a lot of documents to scan and upload.
    Got some really gutting news this arvo.
    Looks like we have a fight on our hands to get this mess sorted.
    Some very untrue accusations are being leveled at me.
    I so hoped things could be worked out amicably but looks unlikely.
    Once again, only the lawyers will win whatevah

    I decided to head out to town tonight rather than risk and icy early morning drive tomorrow.
    So I put the skates on and got the paperwork as tidy and sorted as I could.
    Then finished off the bedroom as best I could - at least the bed got shifted to its new position and the floor was vacuumed.
    The rest will wait till I return.

    Seb came up after he had done some mussel work.
    I gave him a pile of his father's papers to sort through.
    He got some done - it's going to take a while.
    Tim had piles of papers everywhere and you can't just throw them out cuz there are important things written all over.

    Shoshannah is going round to Anson & Marah's to feed the pups twice a day.
    She is also doing most of the cooking.

    Mahalia helped with some cleaning and then tackled her room.
    She went fishing later in the arvo.
    She seems to enjoy sitting curled up on the end corner of the wharf catching fish no matter what the weather.
    While she was there today a young fella arrived in his kayak.
    I knew he was coming but didn't realise the day had disappeared so quickly and greeted him through my study window just after 4pm, still in my pjs!
    He presented me with a couple of fish to go towards dinner.
    Shoshannah made a delicious mixed vege roast and zucchini fritters.

    Brando Yelavich is tackling a really great mission raising awareness and money for Ronald McDonald House Charities NZ.
    He is traveling solo around the entire coastline of New Zealand living off the land, the sea and the kindness of others.

    I left home just before 8pm.
    Drove straight out to Nelson.
    Stopped briefly at Hanger 58 and then met Anson at the hospital for a few minutes update chat.
    Marah had not long been moved into the delivery suite and things were finally beginning to progress, so I am now going to snuggle down in the hopes that we get a call during the night with some good news.
    The rest of the family are all waiting excitedly.
    It's been a long week!